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I got an email last week congratulating me on using Hotmail for a decade:

A Decade with Hotmail

That's cool and fun. I like it when companies recognize my existence and thank me for my connection to them. And, honestly, Hotmail has been doing at lot of things right lately: They've given me more email space, a faster interface, and a SkyDrive with 25GB.

But the day after they sent me a note of thanks, I tried to log into Hotmail and was greeted with:

You Don't Have an Inbox

'That's odd.' I figured it was because they were changing something and it was just a glitch, but it was still unnerving to log in and no longer have an inbox I'd used for almost half my life. In fact, when I first head about Hotmail, I was incredulous: No one would give away email space for free. We were paying for the internet by the hour back then, so something free had to have a catch.

These days, Gmail reigns supreme.

But despite my love for Gmail, I'm very happy that Microsoft discovered that I did, indeed, have an Inbox in Hotmail a few days later.

Here's to growing old with technology!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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