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Microsoft More than Google?

I love Gmail, but I've kept my Hotmail account.

It must be a nostalgia thing, since it was my first email address and all.

In fact, that was back in the days of "pay by the hour" dialup internet, and I couldn't believe that anyone would give away free email space. Preposterous! And with a name like "hotmail," who wouldn't be suspicious?

Google now offers over 7 gigs of space for our email. And that's sweet.


But then I looked at my Picasa account: A measly 1GB... for all of my blogs and other photo hosting needs.


That's it? Come on!

So I log into my Hotmail and check out my SkyDrive... and I've got 25 gigs of space to use as I wish.


Hotmail (Microsoft) is beating Google by offering me more space?

Hardly seems possible.

Granted, .Live isn't running my blog and integrating with everything else in my online life, so I'm sticking with Google for now. But if Google doesn't start offering me more space soon... I may have to find another image solution.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

Ps. In other news, I asked someone to explain 4:4:4 to me, and here's his answer. I followed some of it, but I'm still lost! This is not an easy thing to wrap your mind around...

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