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So you fire up Firefox do use Firefox, right?

And you go to one of your favorite video sites to watch mostly legal content. And the video won't load because you've got scripts blocked by NoScript do use NoScript, right?

So, you right-click and see what scripts are there. And this "Akamai" one keeps showing up.


I've always allowed it in the past because, well, videos don't play without it. But I had no idea why.

I guess if I was really concerned I would have Googled it a long time ago...

It turns out that Akamai is "The Leader in Web Application Acceleration and Performance." These are the guys who make video streaming flow.

So, next time you're on your Adblock Plus enabled Firefox browser with NoScript, gladly allow Akamai, and thank them for making your mostly legal web media experience just that much better.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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