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Post Starts Today

After a weekend of shooting, it's time to start post.

So, today I dumped the footage and gave it a little "look-see". And it looks pretty good.


When we grabbed this shot the sun was starting to sink behind the mountains:

Sun Setting

But by the time we got ready for our next shot looking out the door at her, the sun had gone down and the world was dark and blueish.

Sun Set

So we took the large white soft box (red arrow) and put it right behind the head of our actress. When we zoomed in on just her, it looked like the world was still bright behind her.

Faking the Sun

Looking at the footage now, we're going to need to adjust it so it looks similar, but that's do-able. Expecting the audience to believe that it was still day with a dark background would not have worked at all.

The joys of "fixing it in post" <smile>.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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