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Locations and Schedules

I met with my producer today, and we talked about a few more things that need to be wrapped up and figured out for our upcoming shoot. We also went a on a quick location scout to get an idea of the shots we're going to need for one of our locations.

On Location

For most of our shoots we know what a location looks like because it's our bedroom, the garage, or the park by our house. But eventually you'll shoot somewhere that is unfamiliar to you. In preparing for that shoot, it is a good idea to go and look it over and figure out where you may want to put your camera, what lights you may need, and what kinds of sounds you may run into (planes, trains, air conditioning, construction workers, etc).

We're now running into a problem with schedules. Thankfully our locations are really flexible, but people's classes, work and family commitments aren't. So figuring out when everyone can be on set for long enough to shoot is sometimes difficult. And we, as beggars, can't be choosers. And so we move things around, throw out ideas, and rework the timeline.

Filmmaking is often a game of logistics.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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