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Wise Supervise

I recently had the opportunity to attend a seminar by Ed Kramer. Ed is a special effects guru, who started working with computer aided effects when they first came out. If you take a look at his IMDB portfolio, you've likely seen some of his work.

It's always interesting to hear the perspective of people who have been in the "industry" for a long time (almost 30 years, in this case), and have seen the technology progress from wiring circuits as a control for a CRT monitor, to the free 3D software of today. Fascinating stuff.

At the end, during Q&A, I asked Ed if he had written the algorithms for the early special effects programs, or if he had merely used them. He smiled and said, "Ah, there's a techie in the room."

Turns out he did a little of both, and, when he couldn't figure it out, he got someone who was better than he was to work out the kinks. He said, "That's the trick to being a good supervisor: You have to know who is better at what and let them do it."


I say this often, but it bears repeating: Media production is a group effort. Use the strengths of other to improve your projects and make yourself look better. This is no place for "ego tripping".

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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