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Cutting Testimonials2

I'm shooting another "testimonial" type video for a client. It's not really a testimonial at all because I wrote a script and the actress is saying her lines... but, I'm shooting it like a testimonial.

I'm running into many of the same problems that I first wrote about, but this post isn't about the problems of shooting a concise "talking heads" piece, as it is about how to make your editing life easier. So, here are two tips:

1. Since your actor will not likely have the lines memorized, don't bother giving them a lot of time to try to memorize the lines. Few people have learned how to really utilize their short-term memory, so this will end up just wasting some time. Instead, have them create bullet points for themselves (help them out if they're not getting it).

So, if the paragraph is supposed to be: is a fantastic resource for learning about media, with a consistently updated blog, a growing wiki, and a forum where you can get help. This free resource is here to help you, or anyone you may know. Visit

Break it down:

  • Resource for Media
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Forum
  • Free

Often people do better memorizing lists, and will end up knowing the script.

2. Shoot with a J-Cut in mind. A J-Cut starts the audio slightly before the video. This can help the edit be a lot more smooth.

A J-Cut in a Timeline

How does one do that? By making sure that your actor says at least the first few words of the next section of the script, even if they don't have it memorized. That way you can do a J-Cut on either the video or the audio.

Just a few thoughts that came out of this morning's shoot.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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