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100th Post (by my count*)

...and going on a Safari.

First, the big news: This is the 100th post since I started posting regularly (semi-regularly at the start there) on my Birthday last year. In the spirit of some art websites I've seen around, here's my celebration image:

Thanks for Reading!

I was going to write about something significant, but then I stumbled across this article while reading Norman Hollyn's blog. Now, whatever it was, has slipped my mind.

So, happy 100, and whatever else would make you feel like this was a worthy read.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

*This is technically the 103rd post, but the first three were from the remnants of the blog when I started it in '05. So, they don't count as part of the official blog posts because they weren't really blog entries.

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