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The Four One One

It's 4-1 today, so naturally there are a ton of new and exciting announcements. I'll list just a few:

I'm very glad that there wasn't any bad news, like there was a few years back. Anyway...

While chatting with one of my friends, he expressed disgust that Google would create such a morally void tool in Gmail (he had yet to realize what day it was). All foolin' aside, it got me thinking.

Much of the media production world (and the corporate world, not to mention the world at large) has a tendency to let dishonesty slide, and often seems to reward such behavior. I heard story after story while in school about people who flat out lied about their training, knowledge, expertise, or otherwise to land a job or internship in media. Granted, these people typically went home and studied their brains out that night to not get found out, and so were at least willing to work. But dishonesty is not a good rule to follow (just watch "John Tucker Must Die").

I also know many people who use ripped copies of software and have never paid for Photoshop in their life (and plan to keep it that way). I've heard directors and producers make promises they plan to never fulfill, and seen productions rip people off. It often feels like the message is: Do whatever it takes to get it done.

The good news is that people are honest about 89% of the time. That's good. But under pressure, or "following orders", things can get nasty.

So, my no foolin' suggestion for today is this: Be honest, and treat people well. Being good to the people around you may seem to cost more now, but it will tend to make things better for everyone. And, if you become known for your honesty, you'll probably end up in a better place (be it a job, situation, or position) in the end.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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