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Google Got It Right

Simple yet super effective storytelling:

Parisian Love

The rest of the Super Bowl ads I've seen from this year were a letdown. I mean, at least three ads with dudes in their underwear? No thanks. I sumo one was fun. And the Focus on the Family hoopla seems to have been completely for naught. What was that?

And, I know I've blogged about how I'm not a Megan Fox fan before. Her commercial was lame. She's simply not that attractive and--if you really want to see her--there are far more titillating pictures that a simple google (see above) will quickly provide if one were so inclined. Now, if it were Camilla, maybe I'd believe such an add... <smile>

Every since Weird Al did Auto Tune, I feel like T-Pain is old hat.

Okay, enough with the negative. Go back up and watch the Google commercial again. Pay attention to how they tell the story. Music, sound effects, carefully selected shots. In 30 seconds they demonstrate the power of search as well as translation, auto correct, maps integration, status reports and other Google features. The ending is brilliant because they take you through preparing for the wedding, the ceremony, after the ceremony to your first kid in a second or two. With text. All with the same search.

That is excellent media production.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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