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Print 3D

The 3D hype is everywhere. In the theaters. On the web. Talk of it coming to your TV. And also in your magazines.

First time I saw it was the print Avatar edition of CGW. Made sense: 3D popular flick built in CG.

But Lego?

Lego Magazine 3D

Here we have a 3D toy being advertised in 3D.


Where else will this recent 3D fad take us?

I have no problems believing that 3D will continue to expand. I'm waiting for the day when hard core football fans will be able to watch their favorite bean shaped ball spiral perfectly toward them. The sports fans powered the HD switch. I have no problem believing they will fuel the home 3D option as well.

And their children, happily playing with Legos in front of the TV, will think this is how media has always been.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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