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Pet Peeve: Lost Worlds

Over the years as I've watched Lost, it's been interesting to see how they consistently refocus the show. And unlike the failed Matrix sequels [NB: F-bomb in link], Lost has managed to keep rolling despite completely shifting the plot.

There's just one problem: In a world where you can do anything there is a strong tendency to do everything.

That bothers me.

Fictitious worlds need to have some semblance of consistency. Want to give me an "all powerful Force," I'll buy it. Create a world where skills can be uploaded via image strings? Cool. Spout some nonsense about gravity not affecting you if you just ignore it? Okay.

You can even crash a plane, create a monster, heal a cripple, have an omnipotent character and his timeless mentor, toss a polar bear in the mix--just because, stage a nuclear bomb, whisper in the trees, steal babies, and even jump through time... and I'll give it to you. But there comes a point where your world no longer holds together because, well, you don't bother to keep it together. If, on top of everything else you just tossed my way, I have a sister I didn't know about, you're pushing your limit.

You can have the force and a secret sister. You can give me omnipotence and resurrection. You can have time travel and an unseen enemy. But when you start combining everything and stirring it into one giant pot, I start to lose faith in your sense of direction.

Your world needs to be bound by rules, otherwise it's not a world anymore. It's a smorgasbord stew. And shows about stew--unless they're produced by Alton Brown--are typically lame.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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