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Talk It Out - Preproducing a Promotional Clip

I spent an hour chatting with a client today about a short promotional video script they had put together. We looked over the ideas they had, the shots, the script, and chatted about the ultimate goal of the piece, the audience, and the delivery method.

After this hour meeting we had a pretty good, almost completely re-written, 40 second script, a new delivery method that required a new promotional tool, and a much more confident client. We then discussed possible tie-ins to get people to even watch the piece, wardrobe and actress concerns, the location, and scheduled the shoot.

All in all, a very successful hour long meeting just to talk about an end product that will be less than a minute and a half.

And you know what? That's time well spent.


Do it!

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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