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I just watched a very disappointing film that was very much geared toward the female audience. I'm not against "chick-flicks," per se, and I even like a few, but this was not a chick-flick. This wasn't a romantic comedy. This was a "guys are jerks, girls just suffer, everyone's totally messed up, and in the end it is all about you and how much fun you have so forget everyone else if you've got what you want from them unless they are your BFFs, whom you must stay close by at all times and accept everything they do because you love them" kind of movie.


It was basically Cyndi's music video, only not quite as well shot and edited... and not as to the point.

It bothered me so much that the writer, director and co-star gave the ultimate cop-out ending after laying waste to everything and everyone around her three female protagonists--if you can call them that--that I have started writing a script for a film that actually deals with the central themes that this girl has completely overlooked.

Sometimes watching a bad movie can inspire you to try to create a better one.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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