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Cutting Trailers/Promos

I was asked to cut a trailer this afternoon for a DVD that was recently produced. Familiar with the footage, I sat down and made a fun little fifty second trailer in about 90 minutes.

Then I submitted it for review.

I was told that the trailer was "adorable"--and it was--but that it lacked any kind of communication as to what the DVD actually contained. Well, since this was not the first DVD in the series, and I was under the impression this video was part of an email campaign, this didn't surprise me. I hadn't counted on actually telling people much about the DVD. This was a: Look, this is a sweet-awesome DVD... buy it! kind of thing. But the client is worried that someone may stumble across the video on the internet and not be moved to purchase the product since there wasn't anything descriptive in the video.

So, I wasn't able to release it. I'll work on it some more tomorrow, writing an actual script for a voice over that may help.

Of course, I'm a little worried that a voice over may actually hinder the trailer.

And at the moment, I'm a little torn. I may have different feelings about this tomorrow after I have written a few great lines, but right now I'm not convinced I should be worrying about descriptions.

Isn't the point of a video to whet people's curiosity so they will go find out more?

That's what happens with me.

Of course, a video has to make me interested enough to think that the product might be something I want.... So, I guess tomorrow may tell. I'll see about getting both versions up side by side so you can get a look at them and see which one you like better.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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