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I've Seen Ashes...

I like Switchfoot.

Chrome isn't available for the Mac yet, but I put it on our Vista machine, and...

I don't like it.

Not that I dislike it, just that there isn't anything interesting about it at all. I've read a little about the things it does, but as far as just browsing power, it isn't anything special. At all.

However, it felt like the images load differently. Perhaps I'd just never noticed the switch from a slowly adding pixels to a loading image to a slowly building from the top down of an image... but the slow reveal from the top down is, well, feeling odd.

Web 1.0 vs Chrome: Image Load

I just checked, and the reason it feels so odd is that FireFox seems to load images in the background and then show them to you only after they have loaded... which is why it feels so odd to actually watch an image slowly load on the screen. It feels slower, even if it is the same speed.

So, there you have it: My first impression of Google's Chrome.

But to give you some good tunes to make up for it, here's the music to Switchfoot's "Home"... wish they had produced a video.

Home ~ Switchfoot

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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