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Better Left Unsaid

As I watched Division of Gravity, one thought kept going through my mind: 'This would be so much better without any dialog or voice over.'

If you can handle some f-bombs, check it out:

This is a beautifully shot visual story. And, because of that, it's far better left as just that: A visual story. The words--especially the swearing--heavily detract from the events. Worse, the lame voice over communicates nothing of value. In fact, ending with "We learn..." further emphasizes just how little we've learned from the words crammed into the background of this short.

I'd recommend watching this piece with the audio muted, but the music is integral to the pacing and emotion. I would have been happier if the words were in gibberish or a foreign language. Again: What is said, specifically, doesn't matter. It's the tone and rhythm that carry the mood.

The raw emotion and the pain and difficulty of maintaining a relationship is beautifully (and tragically) portrayed in the images. The words cheapen the experience. Better to have left the words unsaid so the message could be better heard.

What words should you cut from your next piece?

 ~Luke Holzmann
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