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Lesson 2: Practicing Pacing

Purpose: To show you how many ways there are to cut a simple scene.

Basis: Editing is the art of finding the best shots to show the proper moments. You can also shape a scene with how you cut it together. There's a lot of talk about how best to do this, but I've found the answer is simple: A good edit will feel right--or not at all. A bad edit will feel like a slap. The trick is to figure out how to fix it if a cut doesn't feel right. Unfortunately, both noticing and knowing how to fix bad edits takes practice. You can't just read a book about it. So, practice we shall.

Directions: Download the footage for this lesson and cut it together. Feel free to use the Script... or make it your own. I don't mind one way or another. Then upload your edit to YouTube and post it as a video response to this lesson.

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Unknown said...

Lesson 3 please....

Luke Holzmann said...

It's ready to go. My computer died right before I posted it. I get a new one next week... so... soon!


Unknown said...

Still waiting Luke.... Please let me know

Unknown said...

Lesson 3 is posted. Sorry for the long wait, David!