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Lesson 4: Introduction to J-Cuts

Purpose: To teach you how to smooth out your edits with J-Cuts.

Basis: It feels natural to let an actor finish talking before cutting to the next person who speaks. But doing so slows down a cut and creates some awkward pauses. Upon further reflection, you'll realize that you rarely focus solely on the person speaking in a group. Your gaze will drift to the reactions of others. The J-Cut allows your audience to do the same. This gives your scene more life, moves the story along, and gives you a powerful way to make your edit flow by undetected.

Directions: Download the footage for this lesson and cut it together using J-Cuts. [Tip: You will likely have to "unlink"/disconnect your video and audio tracks from each other to do this. If you do not know how to unlink the two tracks, look it up online.] You can find the Script here. Upload your edit to YouTube/Vimeo/etc and share the video as a response to this lesson.

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