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Fantastic Old-Fashioned Ideals

My favorite shot from The Avengers movie is when Captain America shields Black Widow from destruction raining down on them.

Captain America Shielding Black Widow

The screen grab is from the trailer, and my memory of the moment is different in the film. Perhaps I'm just mistaken, or maybe it happened twice. Whatever the case, I love this moment because it, in the briefest of glimpses, typifies Captain America's character. He serves and protects. He "lays his life on the wire" for others. He looks out for women and children, even if the women are more than capable of taking care of themselves. There's nothing chauvinistic about the Captain. He's not doing this because he feels superior or that his fellow teammates are inept. No, he simply vigilantly guards his friends from danger, focusing on women and children first.

In the movie, the term "old-fashioned" is used more than once in discussing Captain America and his ideals. I'm grateful for how the film handled these moments, and hope that they will inspire us all to step up and act selflessly. Inspiration and encouragement to be a better person: One of the best things about films.

As you work on your own projects, consider how the shots you choose help flesh out your character's inner ideals, especially if they are old-fashioned, uncommon, or unfamiliar to your audience.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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