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Pasted Plastic and Liv's Nose

I noticed something watching Hulk: They really liked Liv Tyler's nose. And, I'll admit, it's a very nice nose. But I don't recall Lord of the Rings focusing so much on her profile and her pout (which she seemed to give us the whole movie).

Liv's Nose 1

Liv's Nose 2

Nothing particularly interesting in this observation, just something that kept happening again and again.

The other thing that kept happening in the movie was that every time Hulk was in the frame, I got pulled out of the film. There was something very wrong with him. And what struck me was just how plastic he looked. Every frame made him look pasted in.

Hulk Pasted In

Plastic Action Figure Hulk

Part of it is lighting. He just doesn't meld well with his environment (even though the lighting effects blend well between the background and him). But another major aspect of his plasticity is, I think, his eyes:

Hulk's Eyes 1

Hulk's Eyes 2

The Incredible Luke Hulk

 ~Luke Holzmann
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