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Show Some Show Love

I've been hearing a lot about this latest season of 24.

And that's cool.

But I've been enjoying another show:


This show appeals to me on several levels:

1. It's a show about a total geek who gets connected with a super attractive CIA agent girl.

2. I love the relationships. Unlike other dramas that are based on the interpersonal tensions brought up in each episode, every main character truly cares about and loves the others. It is refreshing to see functional relationships overcoming the deception and lies of the undercover world of crime fighting.

3. The humor totally works for me. I gladly claim my nerd/geek status and laugh at all the jokes. It cracks me up.

Nerd Herd

Granted, the show isn't for everyone. While the sexual content isn't anywhere near that of Battlestar, Chuck and Sarah have sexual tension between them, and Chuck lives with his sister and her boyfriend (who are working on getting hitched). There are other sexual scenarios throughout with plenty of girls prancing about in their panties. There's also some rather mild violence and profanities.

This is a great show for just about any college aged--or older--nerd.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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