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Strength and Vulnerability

I finally got to see "Vantage Point".

I was really excited about the film, but let me assure you: The trailer is better. There were some good action type sequences. Unfortunately they suffered from the stereotypical action errors: My handgun has a billion bullets; I can get hit by a car (twice!) and still run; Getting shot and falling down is for wimps; Cars don't stop driving when they get totaled; Everyone in a chase sequence has Jedi reflexes.

But the biggest disappointment for me was that this movie promised me something and didn't give me that at all. I was promised a film where various perspectives must be pieced together to arrive at the truth of an event. Instead, I was given a compilation piece where, as they show me different people and what they do, they tell me the tale.


I've seen various bits of the tale keep spinning me in a movie done masterfully before, and this was a cheap knock-off in comparison.

So: Sad times.

But Alicia Zapien was really cute.

Or Maybe I Just Want Kids

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

Ps. The title comes from the BTS where the director says over and over again that what he liked about this or that particular actor was his or her "strength and vulnerability". It got to be pretty funny the fifth time he said it.

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