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Pixeled Pictures

The studios don't want you to be able to take images from their DVDs. They claim that is illegal.

And so, to get images from my DVDs to post on my blog, I have to rip the entire DVD onto my computer and then use another program to export the given frame I want. After I have the image, I delete the DVD from my hard drive. But still... there is something odd about having to completely "steal" a DVD to take a picture from it to point out to others.

With all that as background, I was asked to pull a few stills from a great DVD I own for a student so he could include them in a school paper. But, despite my best efforts, the images came out really pixelated.

Like This


So, besides that, the most media I played with today was watch a couple of flicks and host Movie Night. Now people are playing on the Wii and WoW.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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