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Vids, Ads, and Clicks

Bear with me a second: Scott Simmons blogged about a video that Shane Ross Twittered about (and eventually posted about himself). The video, as of my checking when I started writing this post, has over 327,000 views. So it fits in with yesterday's theme.

First, the video by Dennis Liu:

Apple Mac Music Video

It reminded me of all the talk about viral marketing that I hear about these days. The goal of viral marketing is to make your ads in such a way that people don’t feel like they are watching advertising. The only clear "advertising" bit would be the very end telling you purchase the song. Also, demonstrating all the stuff you can do on a Mac felt a little "ad-ish" as well. But what gets this thing passed around, and therefore people clicking on it and watching it, is the amazing creativity. That's what made the Honda Commercial so special too.

And so my guess is that you can make an ad as "ad-y" as you like, it just has to be something people want to watch. Do that, and people will pass it around like a hot potato.

So, in the spirit of passing stuff along: Here's another video suggested in Shane's comments from the Apple II (a computer near to my heart, since I started on an Apple IIe)...

Beautiful Ground

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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