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A Quick Lesson from a Cool Show

I've been watching the First Season of "24". It's a lot of fun and very well put together. However, with all their steadycam work and multiple cameras you knew it had to happen sometime. Lo and behold, I came across this moment (I added the arrow):

That is very much a cameraman in the shot. I wouldn't have even noticed him at all if the girl wasn't supposed to be alone at this moment in the action.

Could the editors have gotten rid of that moment? Absolutely. They could have blow up the image just a tad and moved the clip around to cover him up off screen, or, since this is "24" and they already use cropped images within the screen, they could have simply cropped him out entirely. But they didn't. Why?

I'm going to assume they noticed and it was consciously left in. It could have been that they knew that their footage was going to be presented in 4:3 with Overscan anyway and weren't concerned with it. Perhaps they realized that it probably wasn't worth the time to fix it because the majority of people wouldn't notice anyway because what's more important than perfect images is your story.

But even if they did miss it somehow, guess what? People still love "24", they still purchase the DVDs, and they still rave about it to their friends. If anything, people may talk about it more because of that little goof. I mean, I wouldn't have written this post if it wasn't there.

Another prime example of how story trumps technique every day.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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