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Adding Color

I've been shooting with my XL H1--her name is Sonyia, by the way--quite a bit over the past week. I've been meaning to get some side by side comparisons for you of the difference between using her Custom Presets and just letting her take over, but I love the color so much that I forget to switch it back. However, I did remember to do a comparison shot of the sky. I'm sorry that it's only demonstrating blue, but you get the idea:

Without Custom Presets:

With Custom Presets:

When I remember to turn off the Custom Presets on a picture that has more colors, I'll post those images as well. But for now, let me just leave you with a picture that was so full of color I forgot to turn off the preset:

Please note that these images have had no color tweaking whatsoever. None. That's how they come out of my camera when I set it up correctly. It's blowing my mind, let me tell you.

~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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