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Bookend the Montage of Change

We know that with just a glance we can show the audience exactly what's going on in our character's head. We've also seen how alcohol can show a character's deepest hurts. But often we need to get a character (not to mention the audience) from one state of mind to another in a very brief amount of time. Enter the montage. These sequences of images and moments can cover a tremendous amount of ground in very little time. And if you want your audience to know that the character has changed, it's simple. Use a bookend to flip your character's development from one side to the opposite.


Have your character politely refuse a drink at the start of the sequence.


Run through stuff that shows she is getting caught up in this new life. Then, end with a shot of her and a glass of champagne.

The Start of the End

It's that simple.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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