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System Low on Memory Fix

You're running a program--like Sony Vegas. Your computer has plenty of RAM (Random Access Memory). But for some reason you keep getting an error that says "system low on memory" and it fails to do something like render your video.

Even more strange, when you look at your memory usage, your system has more than enough:

Plenty of Memory Available

If you google "system low on memory" or "system is low on memory sony vegas" you will likely find several videos that suggest things like changing the number of render threads or the maximum dynamic RAM preview. But these solutions don't help. Why? Because you aren't actually low on memory. You have plenty of RAM.

The problem is that many programs are coded for older systems that couldn't have more than 2GB of RAM. So, even if you have eight (or 32) gigs of the fastest RAM on the market, your program can't use more than a tiny fraction of that. Is all hope lost?

Not at all.

The good people over at NTCore have a nifty little program that will enable your video editing software to use more than 2 gigs of RAM while rendering. This is an incredibly simple fix that takes a couple of seconds. In fact, I'm surprised Sony hasn't just implemented this kind of change in a patch. (Any programmers know why they haven't patched this fix in?)

How to Fix the System Low on Memory Error

1. Download and Run 4GB Patch
2. It will open a window where you can select the program that is "low on memory"

Select the Program Low on Memory
3. You're done. Close 4GB Patch and launch your program.

You shouldn't run into the "system low on memory" error message again. Unless, of course, you actually do run low on memory or that program needs more than four gigs to render your video.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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