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RE Revenge

Include this in the "does not really matter at all" section, but I'm pretty sure I figured out where Emily Thorne buys her mugs:

Southampton Target

Emily's Room Essentials

If you've been wanting to match your home's decorum to that of a billionaire heiress, pick up this set of 8 Room Essentials Stoneware Mugs for a whopping $15.99.

The lesson?

In film, it is far more important to look and act the part than worry about reality. Who care's if most college dorms have the same set of dishes? No one. These little details are humorous, but the story matters more. Show your audience that your character can buy a building as part of a master plan of revenge, and it won't matter that her furnishings are on par with our own.

What doesn't work is to have your characters say things that completely contradict what your audience sees. For example, while walking through a barren warehouse in Atlas Shrugged: Part 1, Dagny says, "Looks like they just walked away." Uh...

No, it doesn't.

And, unless it's a comedy, don't say that you're looking at "incredibly sophisticated" stuff when the audience can clearly see that the room is full of paper, jars, and a couple cheap shelving units.

The Incredibly Sophisticated Chalkboard

Make sure your scenes look the part, but feel free to save money on props. It just needs to be believable.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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