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Chrome Extensions

Firefox is awesome. Primarily because of all the Add-ons you can get for it.

But Chrome is fast. Really fast. Perfect if you just need to look something up really quick or perform a task that--for whatever reason--kills Firefox. In my case, I no longer use Firefox with my RSS reader because it can't handle the hundreds of blogs I follow. So I use Chrome. I also use Chrome when I need to update a website because it seems to handle multiple processes in tabs better.

But Chrome was missing something. It didn't have all those nifty tools that I could tack onto Firefox when I needed a powerhouse packed with resources. Until now...

Chrome Just Got Better

I rarely look at ads on Facebook, but I noticed that Chrome now has Extensions.


Granted, they don't have NoScript yet. But they do have a version of AdBlock. And that is absolutely a step in the right direction. (Of course, if I had ads blocked would I have missed the fact that Chrome can now block ads...?)

Seriously, friends, keep an eye on Chrome. Google seems to be pretty serious about this whole browser/OS thing and this is a very good step forward.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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