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Inspiring Creativity

The creativity of others, when applied well, can be incredibly inspiring. Like the latest from the talented folks of The Guild:

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

Of course, it can also be depressing because here's a bunch of talented and creative people working together. And people like us? Well, we're alone. And it's hard to do major productions when it's just us... especially if, like me, you can't play music, can't dance, can't act, and struggle with coming up with a great story--not to mention find time in your busy life to put something together.

And that's why I'm in favor of a limited application of illegal derivative works.

Things like this:

Anime Music Videos (AMV)

These kinds of projects let you practice crafting a story--though editing--based on a "script"--a song's tale--while using really quality elements--great animation of things blowing up and professional mixed music--that you'd never be able to make on your own.

Also, the good fan flicks use backstory and themes from the original series to spin things in a while new way, like this one*:

Kyo Will Make A Man Out Of You!

I think these kinds of videos should become legal to post as well because sharing projects like these with the world can inspire others to try their hand at creativity.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

*If you haven't watched Fruits Basket you should, and this video will be so much better if you know the inside jokes.

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