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When Killers Die

Hype is more exciting than normalcy.


But at a certain point, very early on, it also gets old. Like, in the case of all the "killers" that come out. In fact, there are so many "killers" that I feel like we're not human at all anymore, but rather dancer [sic].

Red, the P2 Killer. Android, the iPhone Killer. Blu-ray, the DVD Killer. Silverlight, the Flash Killer. ...on and on...

What's interesting to me is that thus far none of those have killed anything, and none of them have really taken off.

So imagine my reaction when I heard about Microsoft's Wii Killer: Natal.

[guys, it's not a good sign when your official homepage doesn't exist... just so you know. Thankfully, Wikipedia has you covered]

Actually, it's very cool technology (if it works). Their demonstration (sorry, the person added some very lame annotations to the video--including an f-bomb) isn't very good--they need a better speaker and a more polished presentation. Their trailers aren't all that credible, and we really don't know how well this system is going to work. But the idea is cool. ...except... Nintendo appeals to kids and grandmas who like racing cows, whereas Xbox appeals to people like my brother who like FPSs or games where you brutally rip people apart in a spray of blood.

Different market.

So how will Natal do?

It's really hard to say because of where it is right now (i.e. not here yet). But my guess is that this will be yet another "killer" that dies.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Your Media Production Mentor

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